The Town of Story, Wyoming

Story, Wyoming is a small town nestled among the pines between North and South Piney Creeks. Established in 1901 with a population of 828 and at an elevation of 5,036 feet, this wooded bedroom community has long been a popular retreat for locals and visitors alike. Story is characterized by abundant wildlife, incredible Bighorn views and an air of uncharted Wyoming.

The outdoors play a major role in the life of those who live in Story. Piney Creek is quickly gaining a reputation as one of Wyoming’s finest rock climbing destinations, while fishing and hunting have been popular for generations.

The History of the Wagon Box Fight

Story is home to the Wagon Box Fight Monument – a monument and battle from which the Wagon Box Inn received it’s name when it was established in 1907 – and is in in close proximity to Fort Phil Kearny, as well as the site of the Battle of the Hundred Hands. Fort Phil Kearny was built in 1866 as one of three military posts established along the Bozeman Trail, providing a cutoff from the Oregon Trail. It is here on August 2nd, 1867, that a detachment of 32 men and officers under the command of Captain James Powell expected to be massacred by hundreds of Red Cloud’s Lakota Sioux Warriors. However, the men had one advantage – they had cover behind a corral of 14 wagon boxes and new rifles which could fire rapidly and repeatedly.Over the eight hours of battle, they were able to repulse the many attacks of Red Cloud’s Braves. The Wagon Box Fight was the last major engagement of Red Cloud’s War.

We Welcome you to Stay and Dine with us!

The staff and owners of The Historic Wagon Box Inn and Lodge would like to invite you up to Story for a getaway!

As a historical site with lodging, events and dining, we really have something for everyone.  It is a short scenic drive between Buffalo and Sheridan, Wyoming. Story has many accommodations for group events and of course, our private cabins, to enjoy some time away.

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